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Jerevon Elias is an Native American born in Kansas City, Missouri. This is a self taught musician was born to LaTonya Williams and Brian Elias after they were married. Elias fell in love with music mainly because his dad was an artist who was apart of the gospel rap group Strong Tower Records and both parents were heavily active in their local non-denominational church. Jerevon's mother was serving in the ministry as a minister and his father who also sung in the choir actively.


As a young child, during Jerevons upbringing he was exposed to a musically and talented home on top of his father ability, his brother also played the keyboard, his sister was a dancer and his mom had background in the music industry in her teenage years. At the young age of 18 months old his mother recalls Elias one evening was in the room, with his (late) sister, which was a regular. This particular day they were playing on ther dads keyboard. The song "My Heart Will Go On" came on the radio and he immediately by ear begin to find the keys with no problem to play along with the chord.

Having absolutely no prior lessons to his parents astounishment. He continued to be groomed by his father as he would sit in his dads lap and enjoyed humming and singing along as his dad play different chords, coming up with new music he planned on debutting for his (dad) future projects. His mother supported him in his gifts and going as far as to teaching Jerevon, his dad and brother who is also musically- to read and play music. But Jerevon wasn't interested in the the discipline of formal lessons.


His mom onced said, "He (Jerevon) has always been a music machine and used to hum alot as a child. I believe he has always heard music in his head" After his parents divorced around 2008 he remained with his mother until 2012, they both came to the verbally agreement, at that time, it was best to for him to live with his dad for a short-time. It later turned out to be a permanent decision. He relocated to Prairie Village, Kansas as a child. During his childhood, he continued to be groomed by his father and was strongly influenced by the film scores of Steve Price, and one of his most favorite composers,Hans Zimmer. Which he first gleaned from his most infamous score from"Inception" that inspired him to play along with the film composer on his keyboard his mom purchased him.

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"The music conveys an inspiring, melancholy atmosphere and evokes the immensity of unstoppable"

                                                             - Youtube Comment

Minimalist Neutral Multi Device Computer Mockup Website Launch Instagram Post.jpg

“The new era of the truth an light ” @juancarlosrodriguezcedrez7369

Elias grew up playing the keyboard, in May 2021 after graduating and applying to Full Sail Spring 2022 class for their music production course. He decided not to go that route and his mom pitched him an idea he should try pursuing music by posting his projects on Youtube, and she would cover the cost to get started if he remain passionate about it. He took her suggestion and started posting his composed music on Youtube. Where in his first month of posting he received over 55,000+ views on his most popular video "Heroes (Epic Intense Action Orchestral)" and it continues to grow on the platform. Jerevon continues to play the keyboard in his church and is growing in the industry. He is being resourceful to achieve his ultimate goal of being the best african american composer this world has yet to know. Elias escapes into the music and music has been his best friend.



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